Monday, 4 January 2010

We came, we saw, we conquered

Some comments regarding Sunday, bloody Sunday's annihilation of muplc by a team from the 3rd Division.


3 Jan 2010, 7:05PM

Brasil82 | 3 Jan 2010, 4:39PM:

You make the mistake of believing Manchester United's relationship with Leeds United is the same as Leeds United's is with Manchester United. It isn't.

Oh really? Here's a few comments from your wonderful "Republik (oh how arch and "kool" you Reds are) Of Mancunia site:

"Woo hoo. Playing the scum. I really hope we smash them to pieces. As strong as neccesary will do me with us playing the kids against City a few days after."

"Really can't wait for this game, haven't been this excited ahead of a game all season."

"cant wait for this game"

"am excited its hard to predict the team i cant see us losing to a division 2 side no matter what team we play"

"A 'friend' of mine on facebook has already started with a Munich comment. He has now been deleted. This is why Leeds fans are classed as c***s. Most hated fans in the World? Probably"

"i'll be walking to old trafford round about 11s just to sing we all hate leeds scum. and always look out for turks carrying knifes"

So keep telling yourself that mate. Oh, and could you be so kind as to play Berbatov, Brown and Neville again on Wednesday? Cheers.


3 Jan 2010, 7:13PM

Why did man ure send out some wild eyed meths addled Scot to complain about the lack of extra time?

It was amusing but lacked any sense of coherence I thought....


3 Jan 2010, 9:55PM

Well done Leeds, you capitalised well from a bad day at the office.

But how graceless in victory can anyone possibly be?? Going into a faoming, rancid and churlish ABU overdrive reminds me why the meltdown couldnt have happened to a more deserving club. You can do better, maybe think up a few more jelousy based cliches.

Firstly - its "jealousy". Secondly, the irony of a Man Utd fan complaining about "rancid and churlish" comments is fantastic. Thirdly - what on earth is Ferguson ranting about added time for? My team NEVER gets more than 5 minutes! Why does he think his team are special? Fourthly - Great victory for United today, in spite of what the BBC would have us believe. A team called United beat another team 1-0 at Old Trafford today... why do they feel they can use this name exclusively to describe one team in a game in which BOTH have this name?

Great result - loved it.


4 Jan 2010, 5:23AM

A cross post but here goes anyway...

Clive Tyldsley, are you watching? Eamonn Holmes can you hear me? Angus Deayton, James Nesbitt, John Simm, Zoe Ball, Terry Hall, Neville Neville, Hitler, Simon Cowell, Pol Pot, Fred West, kiddy-fiddling Catholic priests, bogus asylum seekers, fat-cat city merchant bankers, Max Gogarty, Daily Mail readers, Hitler's dog and the rest of you glory-seeking shleb bell-ends, your boys took one hell of a beating

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